Vail Daily letter: Just promises for Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Just promises for Eagle

Brandi Resa
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Having followed Eagle’s proposed Eagle River Station project for far too long, I find a couple of recent things upsetting.

First, during a ERS Town Board meeting this summer, where there were dozens of carpenters union members present, Mayor Ed Woodland would not allow comment or presentation related to the developer’s project in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, because he said other projects did not have any impact here in Eagle. Although we were supposed to take the positive side of RED’s various projects, this project was not allowed into the discussion on that or other nights. At the time, I took the mayor at his comments that Lee’s Summit was not Eagle, so we shouldn’t compare the two.

But since the developer and Ed Woodland presented the mayor of Lee’s Summit as part of their argument at this past Tuesday’s meeting to praise how wonderful Red is, how great the project is in Lee’s Summit, I am upset.

There are four Lee’s Summit councilmen who voted against that “loan” to RED, yet the public did not hear their story. For those that aren’t aware, view the you tube video covered by their local media at I am upset because this side of the Lee’s Summit story (asking for funds as a requirement to complete the project and not hiring local workers) was not allowed to be presented as part of the public record.

The second thing I find upsetting again relates to the public record portion of the meetings. On record, the developer said directly when asked that there would be no local ownership in this project, as the spaces would be lease only. But in the developer’s presentations around town recently, this has changed, and now they say they will offer local ownership, although they have not provided any pricing.

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It scares me that some people will vote on Jan. 5 without becoming fully educated about the details of this project, including what is part of the actual development agreements and also what is not.

It also scares me that the mayor prevented public comment on one of the developer’s projects which he is now using as a reason for a yes vote.

The developer, of course, can promise a lot of things, but there is nothing in the contract which requires hiring local workers; there is nothing that requires a phasing plan, even though the town’s expert said that a phasing plan was the one thing he recommended for success; and there is nothing that guarantees local ownership. It is only promises that will put our future in the hands of others who are mostly from Kansas City.

What else will the developer promise to pick up some additional votes? Please don’t rely on promises. Look at the details for yourself — No to ERS!

Brandi Resa


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