Vail Daily letter: Just union payback |

Vail Daily letter: Just union payback

Madeline Moos
Vail, CO, Colorado

If the president is so concerned about the education of our children and grandchildren, why did he end the school voucher program in Washington, D.C.? D.C., which is predominately black, spends $15,000 per student per year and has the highest rate of illiteracy and school drop-outs.

The voucher program that was in place cost the U.S. taxpayers $7,000 per student in D.C. to attend a charter-private school. So, it cana€™t be about money.

Unfortunately, voucher awards were on the lottery system and many thousands who applied could not get a voucher. The program was immensely successful but has been eliminated.

On the other hand, unions contributed $80 million to the Obama campaign fund. You dona€™t think that the president, like all or at least most politicians, is so indebted to the unions that he owes them big time?

The push for government health care is also a payback to the unions. The taxpayer will end up paying for all union workers and the unions will get this monkey off their backs freeing them to send more money to political campaigns.

I cannot understand why every parent in the D.C. area tolerates this. I am sure they love their children just as much as the president loves his two lovely girls.

Just as the president promised health care as good as he has for all Americans, so should each child in this country get the same education as his two girls.

Madeline Moos


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