Vail Daily Letter: Just want best for all |

Vail Daily Letter: Just want best for all

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Vail, CO Colorado

My response to David Dillon: First of all, if anyone out there got the idea that Dillon did, I tru-ly apologize. It doesn’t matter to me what color you are, how much money you make, who you do it with or how or what your religious or political affilia-tion is.

I want the best for everyone here, so I wrote. I root for the underdog. I’m sorry Dillon doesn’t see it that way. David, my apologies also go out to you. I obviously upset you, and I’m sorry.

I am not an elitist. I grew up barely middle class. My mom stayed home. My Dad was an insurance man. I dropped out of high school, have barely a ninth-grade education. I still haven’t got used to feeling comfortable around people of my income bracket. Most of my ski and bik-ing buddies, most people I hang with, wear boots and jeans to work. The harder I work, the luckier I get.

Dillon starts off by saying that I don’t get that people can move in together. Come on, David. Who’s zooming who? I didn’t write it, but I just assumed read-ers would see that my compari-son was looking at it from a sin-gle tenant point of view. Jeez, I only had 1,000 words.

Dillon then goes on to make it seem like I’m against people of the income bracket I reference, using a subterfuge style. He misses my point entirely.

My point is that I’m all about people who are already here, including those in the income bracket I mention, making it here. That it’s tough enough as it is because a strong economic base doesn’t exist here. That what’s really needed is to strengthen the economic base here.

Yes, my opinion is that creat-ing yet more low-paying jobs is no answer going forward. But that’s in no way a personal attack or discriminating against anyone of this income bracket. If anyone out there read it that way, I truly apologize and please accept my apologies. My only intent here was to offer unso-licited financial advice from a guy who’s come up the hard way.

What I tried to do is draw out that for us to make it here, myself included, a bottom needs to form. That sound eco-nomics would be to let the mar-ket bottom out before building more.

I didn’t write it, but I feel that the bottom is still a long ways off. I feel we need to brace ourselves for years of tough economic times. Recovery can’t take place until a bottom forms. So build-ing ERS right now, or until the economic conditions can sup-port such a plan, shows zero recognition of what got us here and the trouble still to come.

Please watch the piece PBS did on Eagle as part of its “Patch-work Nation” series, which aired Dec. 10. It’s telling. Here’s the link: business/july-dec09/patch work_12-10.html No, I’m all for development, as is every ” No on ERS” person I’ve talked to. I’d love to see a Whole Foods or maybe even a Target. But to build right now, or to make any plans right now when our economy is so fragile and so uncertain, makes no sense to me.

Instead, I feel the best move would be to take a wait-and-see approach. Let’s wait and see what the economy does while strengthening what’s here. Instead of building more of the same, what I see as a “ready, fire, aim” approach; let’s go back and look at what got us here. Talk to local entrepreneurs, and make plans based on sound econom-ics – and their feedback.

Dillon misses this altogether, but in his defense, perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

Dillon then goes on to say I speak for everyone. That’s not true. My opinions are my own. Yes, I feel strongly about them. But I’m not trying to put the “juju” on anyone. After all, free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.

But this is what really gets me. Dillon writes that I’m trying to “keep the riff raff out of Eagle.” This man has no understanding of who I am or what I stand for. For Dillon to make these assumptions is just as ridiculous as what he accuses me of.

No, I want everyone else to enjoy the good life, too. I’m just saying for that to happen, or have a chance at happening, more shopping malls are not in anyone’s best interests right now. Not mine, not Dillon’s. David, I’m on your side here.

Also David, I spent lots of money in Eagle and Edwards this Christmas, as I do every year. I do anything I can to sup-port the local economy, includ-ing offering my opinions in the Daily. Yes, I put my money where my mouth is.

So this marks the end of my public life. I’m sure you’re all relieved. You know, the problem with writing to the Daily is that they’ll publish anything! And I’ve decided I really don’t have the stomach for it. I really care, man, I do. But I also have to practice the serenity prayer.

So y’all be cool, hoo rah! The downhill skier always has the right of way.

Pray for snow!

Merry Christmas, feliz Navi-dad, happy Hanukah and happy holidays to you and yours. Hap-py New Year to us all.

Paul Kulas, Eagle

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