Vail Daily letter: Just wouldn’t happen |

Vail Daily letter: Just wouldn’t happen

Rick Fowler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Re: Richard Carnes’ column about the Blunt Amendment (March 6 issue) in which he says Seventh-day Adventist employers “could,” under provisions of the amendment, deny medical attention on Saturdays – the biblical, seventh day of the week on which Adventists worship – to their employees.

While true as far as the amendment is concerned, it is something that would never happen as far as an Adventist employer is concerned.

The hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist hospitals and clinics worldwide care for any and all medical emergencies on Saturdays, in fulfillment of the biblical injunction to Christians to do good on the sabbath day.

No Seventh-day Adventist employer would have a part in doing otherwise.

Herbert Ford Angwin, Calif.

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Way to go, Daily

As a relatively new resident of the Vail area (nearly two years) and a regular reader of the Vail Daily, I was pleased to see the great number of awards presented to the Vail Daily staff.

I feel fortunate and, dare I say, a bit of pride, to be able to read high-quality work and reporting about where I live. I found myself wanting to know which writings of each author had earned the awards.

Keep up the great work!

Rick Fowler


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