Vail Daily letter: Keep it regulated |

Vail Daily letter: Keep it regulated

Ray McGervey
Avon, CO Colorado

Buddy Sims has it wrong.

I don’t know what personal agenda or beef Buddy has with medical marijuana centers, but

I don’t believe for a second he is promoting to vote against them to save your children. In fact, his arguments are completely illogical.

Buddy believes marijuana grow operations should be moved into your neighborhoods. Operations that are unregulated, untaxed, unchecked. Town, county and state law enforcement have no control over these grow operations, let alone know where they are taking place, because the home caregivers are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. I am sorry, but talk about bad logic. The only requirement for a home caregiver is that they be over the age of 18 and a resident of the state of Colorado.

The current number of cardholders is somewhere around 850. This does not account for temporary cards that have been issued. With a six- to eight-month processing time for cards, this number could easily double over the next several months.

Do you really want literally hundreds of marijuana grow operations invading our neighborhoods? Who knows to whom people will sign their caretaker rights. Could be your neighbor – could be all your neighbors.

Do these people have any clue of what they are doing, or are they setting us up for disasters, including structure fires, crime and violence? Do we really want hundreds of home growers dumping Lord knows what down their drains and into the system – plant-food insecticides and other potentially dangerous and/or damaging chemicals that can be associated with growing indoors? Do you think these people are going to call the local electrician out to wire their grow rooms properly? The answer is “no.” And what are they going to do with the excess marijuana they grow? It’s going to end up on the street. Believe that!

Now we bring in the criminals who are going to be searching for these homes in your neighborhood, looking for these operations so they can have a quick, easy score of weed. Where do you think that weed is going to end up? I say the likelihood of that weed ending up in your kids’ school is much higher than pot bought through the medical marijuana centers. Growers are going to arm themselves to protect their crops, and sure enough you’re going to have gunplay in your neighborhood. Is this what you want in your neighborhoods?

If you want to protect your children, your property and your neighborhoods, then vote to keep medical marijuana centers open in Eagle County. They are regulated and taxed and offer safer medicinals to those who need them. Don’t buy into Buddy’s B.S.

Think logically, Eagle County. You can have a few taxpaying medical marijuana centers that can be monitored by law enforcement to take care of the majority of cardholders, or you can have hundreds of unregulated grow operations sprouting up in a neighborhood near you. It could be the house your kids are going to play at!

The choice is yours.

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