Vail Daily letter: Keep natural turf |

Vail Daily letter: Keep natural turf

Joe Staufer
Vail, CO, Colorado

Sometimes I think it might have been better to let the approved development of the 200 planned condominiums go ahead instead of ending up fighting and fighting almost on an annual basis to preserve Ford Park.

Although we were promised that the horrible idea of artificial turf was put to rest for good, urbanization of Ford Park is rearing its ugly head again.

I agree that the present Town Council is not bound by prior councils’ promises, but it does place the integrity of the council at stake.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that “there is no definitive study that fully addresses all the questions regarding safety considerations associated with the use of synthetic turf and/or crumb rubber fields.”

New York City’s parks department no longer uses artificial turf until definitive studies are completed.

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Green “turf blades” are dyed with polyethylene, and there has been well founded concern of the possible health effects on athletes who play on those fields. The tire crumb infill contains polyaromatic hydrocarbon which is known to cause cancer.

In addition, artificial playing fields get very hot. Temperatures as high as 160 degrees have been recorded. This confers a risk of heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion and dehydration.

And finally, can’t we leave a good thing alone and enjoy instead of continually trying to “improve” things?

Joe Staufer


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