Vail Daily letter: Keep Red Sandstone open |

Vail Daily letter: Keep Red Sandstone open

Heather and Chris Chantler
Vail, CO, Colorado

It was very disheartening to read the Daily article “Schools look for $5.5M in budget cuts,” for it seemed to put an emphasis on the cost savings for closing Red Sandstone Elementary without mention of other schools that are on the chopping block.

Red Sandstone is the backbone of the Vail community for those of us who are raising the future leaders of Colorado. Many of us made conscious decisions when we chose to raise a family in the valley, for we knew of the great education that Red Sandstone provided and wanted to work in the same area where our children attended school.

So many of our friends moved to Eagle but commute to Vail, sacrificing family time for drive time. Those of us who chose Red Sandstone chose the small-community living that is Vail.

By closing Red Sandstone, Vail will become a resort valley with supporting bedroom communities. Many of us moved away from that lifestyle to raise our children with a view of Vail Mountain. Please do not take that away from us, for you will be taking away the future of Vail and the incentive for new families to move to the Vail Valley.

Heather and Chris Chantler


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