Vail Daily letter: Keep Stone Creek open |

Vail Daily letter: Keep Stone Creek open

Philipp Hoyos
Vail, CO Colorado

I am writing in response to the news that the town of Avon public officials may decide not to renew the lease held by Stone Creek Charter School.

I have been a permanent resident of Eagle County since 1998 and a property owner here since 1984. I love this area and made a home here with my beautiful wife, Kelly, my wonderful 6-year-old daughter, Alexa, and my 4-year-old genius son, Michael.

I am concerned about the education my kids will receive here in the Vail

Valley. I specifically held on to a house I own on the East Coast as a safety net in case my wife and I could not come to terms with the schooling choices here. I have a National School of Excellence two miles away from my home, where a punctual school bus would pick up my children and drop them off at the foot of

my driveway. I have offices there, as well as friends and family, but I choose to

live here simply because life here is

better. Having said that, I would reluctantly leave the valley and return to the rat race to ensure my children receive

the best upbringing and education


After much deliberation and due diligence, my wife and I decided that Stone Creek Charter School was not only the best choice for our children but our only choice. It has an outstanding curriculum, a responsible, friendly and hardworking staff, a concerned board of directors and a dedicated and committed leader in John Brendza. We are lucky to have been chosen through its lottery system to have my daughter attend this school. Hopefully, my son, Michael, will be there next year.

I understand that the town of Avon has other options for its staging area for this federally funded construction project. I also understand that losing this money is not a choice for the town, especially in these difficult economic times. Explore your other options. I am confident that you, our elected officials, can find a solution other than removing 210 students from their school for the sake of “progress.” This is a steep price to pay and could have a negative impact on the future of our children.

Please get to know what the Stone Creek Charter School is contributing to our community before you decide to take part in displacing these 210 students and their parents. This school, with your help, will be a shining light in this valley for many years to come and will continue to be a major factor in raising positive, well-educated children.

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