Vail Daily letter: Keep the business going |

Vail Daily letter: Keep the business going

Markus Mueller
Vail, CO, Colorado

First, I have never, nor do I intend to, smoke marijuana for any reason. I agree with Kraige Kinney 100 percent to vote on Jan. 3 to make Eagle a better place. But I would ask that the Eagle citizens vote “yes” in order to do so.

I attended the marijuana panel held on Dec. 12, and I understood Eagle County Undersheriff Mr. McWilliams say that if the marijuana is grown in grow facilities this is safer for residential neighborhoods because there are no illegal and unsafe rigging setups in houses.

The requirements of having a marijuana business in Colorado seem stringent and lengthy, which makes it more difficult for a business to survive in a tough economy. This business was given a license to operate in Eagle and to my knowledge, has done nothing to violate that agreement. They are adding to our sales tax numbers and contributing to the local food bank all under the scrutiny of a tough state review of the industry.

As a community, we should work together to keep our kids away from marijuana, alcohol, prescription medicines, and other drugs. However, that is a separate issue than this special referendum. This vote is about a business right to operate in Eagle.

Vote yes on Jan. 3 — not for marijuana but for a local business owner’s rights.

Markus Mueller


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