Vail Daily letter: Keep us safe? |

Vail Daily letter: Keep us safe?

Dave Kraft
Vail, CO Colorado

Several TSA security screeners at Newark Airport were recently convicted of stealing many thousands of dollars in cash and property from travelers they were hired to protect. It was an organized racket that was caught on videotape stealing from travelers. This operation went on a long time before something was finally done.

It shows we can’t really trust TSA to keep us safe. In fact, just the opposite would be true at Newark.

After seeing the video of a 4-year-old girl crying because TSA wanted to search her, I was outraged deep down to my red, white and blue. TSA molested Miss America and made her cry with a search that included aggressively touching her womanhood. Since when did Miss America and little girls become a threat to air travel?

We must stand together against this tyranny. We should teach our little girls to fear being touched intimately by strangers. Strangers in uniform are no exception to that. Searching little girls and molesting Miss America will not keep us safe. That is not the purpose of these invasive searches. The agenda is to break our will as freedom-loving people and condition us to accept warrantless search everywhere, not just airports.

As a county that has a significant airport and relies on travel for its life blood, we should have our own private security screeners that we can fire if they abuse our visitors. We are not required to have TSA at Eagle County Regional Airport.

Other airports have fired TSA and hired their own security. Their planes aren’t falling out of the sky because they have private security. This country survived a long time flying before TSA was created. And we can certainly thrive without them. I am personally boycotting commercial air travel until the TSA is gelded and some sense of sanity returns to replace the absurd paranoia of thinking Miss America poses a threat.

Congress just passed the so-called “Patriot” Act again in the form of an extension and Obama rubber stamped it. If there is anything more unpatriotic than the Patriot Act, I have not seen it.

The bill was not written to protect against foreign terrorists. It was written to eviscerate the Bill of Rights for the average American. Protecting us from foreign terrorists was just the underlying justification for passing for the Patriot Act. It was a predetermined solution in search of a problem.

The Patriot Act solution was born long before the problem of the 9/11 attacks ever came to pass. It was written before the attacks, too. After the problem, there’s a reaction. Without the reaction, there’s no solution. In this case the reaction would need to be severe enough to institute such a drastic solution.

The problem was going to be a new enemy without borders or uniforms so we could never tell who to shoot. This enemy would always be elusively just out of reach. This new breed of enemy could never be conquered because the winner of this war can never be defined through surrender. If any war is not against a country, how is a winner ever defined?

That’s the whole point – without a surrender from the loser, a winner can never be declared. That provides for no conclusive end. Without an end, the billions keep flowing to the war and armament industry and the killing goes on indefinitely. The war on drugs and terror are both designed to be perpetual money machines for a select few at the top. We can fight forever, but will drugs and terror ever surrender?

This new bogey man enemy (bin Laden) would conveniently facilitate this perpetual war on terror for a decade. After he was killed, did we declare victory and bring home the troops? Of course not, and they never will as long as there’s almost no effective war opposition. A war where a victor can never be defined is a dream scenario for the war and armament industry, so naturally they would have nothing to do with the legend creation of bin Laden being the greatest danger to our safety ever.

I suggest car accidents, floods and earthquakes all pose greater dangers to us than an elusive cave-dwelling jihadists. I think getting struck by lightning is more likely to kill me than bin Laden ever was.

Homeland Security, TSA and the Patriot Act were sold to us in the name of protecting us from foreign terror. It’s obvious now that they were put there to take away the freedom of the American people all along. Why else would you molest Miss America or search a decorated World War II veteran in a wheelchair?

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