Vail Daily letter: Kerst for Eagle Town Board |

Vail Daily letter: Kerst for Eagle Town Board

Jon Stavney
Eagle, CO, Colorado

As one who served on the Eagle Town Board with Mikel Kerst for many years, I came to appreciate the community-wide perspective he provides, stemming from the variety of roles he and his wife play in our valley from deputy coroner, his participation in both Upper Eagle Fire and Greater Eagle Fire Departments, as well as the years of being dedicated boostering of Eagle Valley High School sports.

It is a marvel to me to me how many people know and think well of Mikel. It is often noted that Mikel is not one for verbal grandstanding. In addition to this trait, I’ve found Mikel to possess a good “bull-@#$@” detector, and an ability to stand tall during tough decisions – two invaluable traits for a public official. I support his re-election as Eagle Town Trustee.

Jon Stavney


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