Vail Daily letter: Kids smarter than you think |

Vail Daily letter: Kids smarter than you think

Wendy Graham
Vail, CO, Colorado

I graduated from Eagle Valley High School recently, and I read the headline from the Vail Daily on May 26 saying how students from Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain are “lacking rigor.”

It seems to me that the school district is trying to tell us how to act and what to say.

Kids aren’t stupid, and it hurts to think teachers think we are.

What teachers need to do is trust that we can make the right decisions and quit treating us like we’re toddlers that have no clue what we want.

I’m 18 now, and I’m going to college to major in communications and history.

Seems to me I know what I want out of life. If people would quit smothering kids with other people’s ideas, you would be surprised how smart we can really be.

Another thing to the school board and the government: Quit treating the kids like test subjects! Teachers are often telling kids they’re disappointed in our standardized test scores. They are children, not lab rats trying to get through a maze or running on a wheel in a cage.

The school board depends so much on standardized testing and statistics, and they’re forgetting that we’re only kids.

It ticks me off because it goes against all the things I have been taught before school became politically correct.

Whatever happened to “Everybody’s different” and “You are an individual”? What schools need to do is get back to basics. We are currently still claiming to be a republic, even though our government is more democratic.

If we don’t watch where we step, we’re going to be well on our way to becoming a dictatorship or communist government.

I know the technical differences, but my instincts tell me there’s no difference whatsoever.

Wendy Graham


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