Vail Daily letter: Kostick for mayor of Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Kostick for mayor of Eagle

Colleen Downard
Vail, CO, Colorado

A few years ago, my husband and I attempted to get involved with Eagle local politics in an effort to voice our opinion about a development we were adamantly opposed to, Eagle River Station. We went to our first Town Hall meeting in 2008, and it was a real eye-opener.

I have been involved in politics on many levels before, and I couldn’t believe my ears. The majority of our Town Board, along with our mayor, sounded like a PR firm for the developers and wouldn’t listen to a word the people of Eagle were saying.

All but two of the board members simply refused to listen to some very poignant points against ERS, and the mayor was flat out rude to people whose families have been in this valley for over 100 years and have operated businesses on our main street for over 40 years.

The two board members that listened to the concerns of their constituents, were skeptical of the developers and asked good questions were Scot Hunn and Yuri Kostick.

While the Town Board passed ERS despite Yuri and Scot’s “no” votes, thankfully it was brought to referendum and the citizens of Eagle voted against ERS.

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Now ERS is back on the table, again, and their plan is 30 percent larger than the last one, making it nearly double the size of Glenwood Meadows and 80 percent as large as Cherry Creek Mall.

The board can’t talk about where they stand right now, because they are in deliberations and are about to vote on ERS again.

However, I have a good idea where Yuri Kostick stands. I believe Yuri stands exactly where he’s stood since he’s been on the board – on the side of the people. Yuri has consistently voted with the people on every issue we’ve voted on since he’s been in office, including the ERS vote. Yuri Kostick has my vote for mayor of the town of Eagle, and he deserves yours!

Colleen Downard


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