Vail Daily letter: Kostick, Resa, King for Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Kostick, Resa, King for Eagle

Tim Barca
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am one of the many people who can’t vote in the upcoming mayoral and trustee election even though my physical address is in Eagle. I shop, dine and gas up in Eagle, have a post office box in Eagle and drive through Eagle at least twice a day.

The fact that I don’t have a voice in local Eagle politics has always bothered me since back when Adam’s Rib Resort was being proposed.

I actually became very frustrated with the direction that Eagle was heading years ago and briefly ignored the political scene for a few years, thinking that I may just move on to greener pastures. Well things have changed and having decided to stay a full-time resident of Brush Creek for over 23 years, I now know that Eagle is poised to make some of the most important decisions that it has had to face in many years.

That is why I believe this upcoming election is so extremely important. I have read many letters in support of the various candidates over the past few weeks, and many have stated that the people they support care about Eagle.

That seems to be an obvious statement to me. Who would want to sacrifice so much of their personal time and energy if they didn’t care about their town? From what I can tell, all the candidates are dedicated, bright individuals.

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However, I do take exception to the majority of letters that are in support of our current mayor who are from people that either don’t live here or are never in Town Hall to witness what goes on there. The reality is most of our current leaders are not listening to the people, and certain members of the board even take it upon themselves to publicly chastise citizens when they stand up for their beliefs.

If you want to see it for yourself, check out the last few months of videotaped council meetings at and check back often for updates. However, the thing that matters most to me is what the short- and long-term vision is for Eagle, and my main concern is if that vision actually coincides with that of the majority of citizens. With this current board, it certainly doesn’t.

I fully support Yuri Kostick for mayor, and Brandi Resa and John King for trustee. They represent a huge shift in the way politics have been run in Eagle for many years.

If you want leadership from a town board that respects all the citizens’ viewpoints (despite the fact they may not agree on the same issues), then these three are the best choice. From the hours that I have spent at the meetings in the past few months (admittedly not as many as I would have liked to since I work early evenings), I think it is high time to change the attitude that some of the local citizens have been subjected to from some board members.

I believe Yuri, Brandi and John have a clearer understanding that they are there to serve the citizens of Eagle and not just to follow their own personal agenda that they think might be best for the entire town.

There have been a couple of referendums lately that have overturned some of the agendas and votes of the Eagle Town Board, and that is proof that the citizens are not really being listened to. While it is important to have good character and a wonderful family and care about the town you live in, it is equally (if not more important) to really listen to the people that you represent and to those who voted you into office in the first place. Yuri, Brandi and John offer the best chance for that to happen in the future.

Tim Barca


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