Vail Daily letter: Lack of respect for trails |

Vail Daily letter: Lack of respect for trails

Dale S. Decker
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am appalled at the picture on the front page of Thursday’s Vail Daily. It’s showing bicyclists trudging through the mud for a bicycle race in Eagle.

I live adjacent to the trail. Due to this race, significant damage was done to the trail. There is also mud over the bicycle trails and the parking lot.

Is Vail Rec going to clean up the mess created?

Would this race have been allowed on the mountain at Vail in the rain? Of course not. Why then did Vail Rec continue the race in Eagle?

Shame on Vail Rec for not respecting the trails in Eagle. Shame on Vail Daily for glorifying their lack of respect. With all the ink used to talk about environmental issues, it’s amazing that nothing was mentioned about the trail damage. The caption on the picture should have read “Vail Rec creates damage to Eagle mountain bike trails.”

As of this writing, the signs for the race and the port-a-potties have not been removed from the race site.

Dale S. Decker


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