Vail Daily letter: Lady’s wrong! |

Vail Daily letter: Lady’s wrong!

Cheryl Peter
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was shocked by Miss Bauman’s letter to the editor calling the people who were wearing monkey masks prejudiced. What is this type of thinking? We deserve an apology from Miss Bauman. Her own personal racisim makes her a strange sort. The monkey masks were left over from my niece’s birthday party!

Michael Jackson had a chimp named “Bo “Bo!”

We are far from prejudiced. There never has been an issue of racism here in Vail, Colorado.

We who were wearing the mask love Michael Jackson and grieved his death and are still grieving.

At the end of the ski season people wear all sorts of things: Mexican hats, boas, afro wigs, etc.

This very thought is appalling and I want an apology. Shame on you, Miss Bauman, for your type of thinking!

If you could pray and find the peace and love in your heart to apologize, please!

Cheryl Peter

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