Vail Daily letter: Last goodbye |

Vail Daily letter: Last goodbye

Jim Spell
Vail, CO Colorado

On the passing of Tim Cochrane and Don Bell:

I realize as I get older that I will be seeing more of my friends in the obituary column. I have made peace with this knowing at “our age” we have lived a full if not somewhat shortened life. In spite of this rationale of our living and as an excuse for our dying, I am never comforted in the least when someone I know passes.

Maybe it is because I always want the possibility, however remote or distant, of seeing them again, of sharing our past moments together and taking satisfaction in the promise of a few more.

Part of it is that I truly liked these gentlemen, and they in turn liked me. Who could ask anything more from a human being passing through this life? As usual, it was through our jobs that we shared common ground, but frankly that did not stop us from having genuine feelings of cameraderie and a real desire to share and be together. If it had to be in the throes of an emergency, well, so be it. The important part was that we were together, helping others and really enjoying each other’s company.

I miss that as I will miss them. I expected to miss that. I did not expect to have to miss them.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe … as you kept others.

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