Vail Daily letter: Leash your dog |

Vail Daily letter: Leash your dog

Brianna Colbrunn
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

Dear Eagle-Vail dog owners,

I am a resident of Eagle-Vail and, like many of you, enjoy taking my dog for a walk on the golf course and around the neighborhood. I have a big, well behaved dog, who I keep on a leash at all times while walking.

Thanks to improved weather, in the last couple of weeks, we have ventured beyond our complex onto the golf course and neighborhood streets for our daily walks. I have been very frustrated by the amount of times we’ve been barked/growled/snarled at and attacked by off-leash dogs. These dogs have either run ahead of their owners, run out of their yards and driveways or, on one occasion, have joined up with other off-leash dogs and have surrounded us as a pack. Lucky for me, and the off-leash dogs, my dog is not aggressive. If he were, there could be some serious problems.

I’ve also seen these off-leash dogs run up to small children, run into the road and run into other peoples’ yards.

Eagle-Vail dog owners, please keep your dogs on a leash while walking them and keep them secured while in your yards. It will make for a safer, more pleasant neighborhood for dogs and people alike this summer.