Vail Daily letter: Leave SnowBall decision to Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Leave SnowBall decision to Avon

Rick Silverman
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have just read the letter to the Daily from Dave Kraft, which just like his previous letters concerning the limo vs taxi debate, is void of facts and ignorant of the issues.

I’m sure some vendors made money during Snowball, just as some did not. Some residents of Avon liked it, and some did not.

The bottom line is this. The people who should decide this issue are the people in Avon who bear the brunt of the impacts.

I live in Vail, as does Mr. Kraft, and avoided Avon altogether during the event, by choice. The whole event didn’t effect me at all, but I’d feel different if I lived near the park in Avon.

Mr. Kraft’s only interest is making a little money at the expense of the people who had to live with Snowball all weekend.

Let the people in Avon decide what’s best for them, the rest of us should butt out!

Rick Silverman


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