Vail Daily letter: Left vs. right |

Vail Daily letter: Left vs. right

Tim Moffet
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to Cal Thomas’ recent commentary:

Anyone who has ever glanced at any of Cal Thomas’ columns knows that many people who share his conservative views trying to position themselves as a champion of education and the struggle of inner-city blacks is laughable.

The presumption that we’re not just stupid, but gullible is so condescending, I’m not sure how else to characterize it.

The trouble is that this kind of reverse high hat works.

“It’s peculiar how the left embraces choice when it comes to aborting children, but opposes it for children languishing in failing public schools,” he says.

I wonder if Cal thinks it’s peculiar to kill the increasing number of wrongly convicted, innocent people on death row (the news reports every couple weeks on the release of someone found innocent, often with no recourse because of prosecutorial immunity laws because new technologies have changed the science behind an old conviction), or slaughter countless thousands of civilian Iraqis in a bogus, unfunded war so we can save a nickel on a gallon of gas?

By this reasoning, it’s not OK to have an abortion but it’s OK to kill people who are all grown up if it suits his view.

Make a choice, Cal. Who is it OK to kill and who isn’t? I thought your side of the aisle was all about “thou shalt not kill.”

How does that work?

Tim Moffet


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