Vail Daily letter: Legislation won’t help |

Vail Daily letter: Legislation won’t help

Blair Bakken
Vail, CO, Colorado

I believe that the four bills on gun control that just passed the Colorado House are born out of pure prejudice. Prejudice towards firearm ownership and people who are willing to defend oneself and their loved ones.

These bills are poorly crafted and ill conceived (probably why there are so many current gun laws in this nation that are not enforced). They will be of little public benefit to prevent mass shootings, and will only lead to more bills to close the new loopholes that the new bills create.

Their real purpose is to infringe and erode on the Second Amendment till there is no Second Amendment. That is the end game of the Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Holder, Bloomberg, Soros, Schumer, anti-private ownership-of-firearms agenda.

Just go to YouTube and watch and listen. Eric Holder: “We need to brainwash people that guns are like cigarettes.” Joe Biden: “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun.” Dianne Feinstein: “Till Mr. and Mrs. America turn in all their guns.”

OK, on to the bills.

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HB1224: Limit on magazines to 15 rounds. Data on shots fired in gun attacks suggest that few attacks involve more than 10 rounds fired. The few studies available on this show that a criminal fires less than four rounds on average.

A study in Jersey City determined only 2.5 percent of gun fire cases involved more than 10 shots fired. At Columbine High School, the killer who fired the most rounds did so with multiple 10-round magazines.

At Virginia Tech (the nations worst mass shooting) the shooter used two handguns, one with 15-round magazines and the other with 10-round magazines.

I’m really finding it hard to see the how this bill helps prevent mass shootings.

HB1226: No concealed carry on college campus. I am not aware of any mass shooting carried out by a concealed carry permit holder.

HB1228: Fee for background checks. Please, you tell me what this has to do with preventing mass shootings. I would support this bill if it guarantied all monies raised went to funding the state mandated background checks, thereby clearing out the current backlog, which is now a defacto waiting period that the state will not fund properly.

HB1229: Background check on the private sale of firearms. This bill seems to promise the most on preventing the mentally ill and criminal element from acquiring firearms.

But wait, many a mass shooter acquired their firearms legally, passing the current background check. So is this really going to help?

The real problem with this bill is enforcement. The state will need to know who owns what to enforce this bill, therefore providing the next loophole, the establishment of a state registry of firearm owners.

History has shown time and time again that firearm registration leads to firearm confiscation. No thanks. I personally consign a firearm I want to sell to a gun dealer so a background is performed and I can avoid any liability.

Blair Bakken


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