Vail Daily letter: Lessons from Tucson |

Vail Daily letter: Lessons from Tucson

Jill Ann Fryklund
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding the Tucson tragedy: I appreciate the words of Associated Press reporter Alicia Chang and her detailed account.

This blood-soaked tale is not a fictional piece in sudden and unpredicatable malice. Daily we read of the instability of the psychology of our society. Culture breeds with remarkable record. It’s not a late-night movie where screams surprise and popcorn spills.

It’s a sorry cast into the certainty we ignore. It’s the plight of a darkened individual and their guarded, but exposed internal hell.

Where we can cause a change is in how we treat one another from the moment we take air.

Our nation’s sadness and the arrows marked are clearly everyhere — in our own lacking observation of what we hold most dear, the physical and emotional differences between one another and most importantly, the pain that is privately and individually withheld but joins to form the demise and sadness of popular free society.

Look with care into the eyes of all, for this distinguishes your future.

Jill Ann Fryklund


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