Vail Daily letter: Let me clarify |

Vail Daily letter: Let me clarify

Natalie Menten
Vail, CO, Colorado

Your coverage of Vail Homeowners Association news included a reference to state ballot issues (Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101). It repeated an unfair insinuation against Amendment 60. Allow me to clarify the concern raised.

The right of Colorado “electors” to vote on property taxes where they pay property taxes is part of the right to vote on taxes.

The word “elector” is defined in state election law as “a person who is legally qualified to vote in this state.” Therefore, it does not apply to people “who are not American citizens,” as suggested, or to corporations, felons, illegal aliens, or non-Coloradoans. It applies only to people “legally qualified to vote in this state.”

Today, special districts allow other Colorado citizens who own property in that district to vote. Amendment 60 simply makes that right to vote consistent in all local governments. It is simple fairness and equal treatment.

What the newsletter called “a host of other provisions” is a simple half-page reform in plain English.

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Natalie Menten

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