Vail Daily letter: Let me rephrase that |

Vail Daily letter: Let me rephrase that

Bennett Pollack
Vail, CO, Colorado

Hey folks: I’m learning as I go, too. I apologize to Mark Hurlbert, his family, and anyone else I offended with my “District attorney should resign” letter published Jan. 8. What I learned is no matter how right a man thinks his cause is, he has no right to communicate in any way that could be construed as a threat to anyone’s well-being. I am ashamed of myself for letting my anger take over and I promise never to do it again.

If there were such a thing as a do-over, I would have said something like this: Dear Mr. Hurlbert: Your decision making is atrocious. Would you please consider resigning so we don’t have to launch a recall campaign? Please think of your family. Who is going to hire you after you’ve been recalled? I tried to call you so we could keep this between ourselves, but I couldn’t get a human being to answer. Five minutes of calling the District Attorney’s Office and no one would pick up the phone!

Sir, you have been an embarrassment to Eagle County ever since the Kobe Bryant rape non-case. You embarrassed us again with the Erzinger case and as I research what you’ve been doing in the years in between, there is no evidence that suggests you have grown in your job.

Please don’t make us mount a recall campaign because I don’t want this to get any nastier than it already is. Sincerely,

Bennett Pollack


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