Vail Daily letter: Let’s think about this clubhouse some more |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s think about this clubhouse some more

John Carlson
Vail, CO, Colorado

In the course of events, reasoned and well-intentioned people sometimes reach questionable decisions. The golf course controversy is a case in point.

Somehow a tax targeting development of a conference center has morphed into an idea unrecognizable from its original intent.

Before the golf course proposal is voted upon, a few issues should be addressed in a public forum.

1. Did taxpayers ever express a desire to shrink of the golf course, add parking, or add an event center to the existing facility?

2. If the town needs additional banquet facilities, why was the Pavilion built at Donovan Park?

3. What is the expected usage of the event center, and what is the source of these estimates?

4. Would the addition of an event center compete with private interests offering similar services in Vail? If so, why should private businesses be forced to compete with publicly funded enterprises?

5. Do property owners in the vicinity of the golf course have any enforceable property rights on this issue? If so, what legal exposure would exist to the town and who will indemnify Vail taxpayers for any legal costs and adverse judgments?

6. If the plan is enacted, and proves a failure, will a reserve be maintained to fund demolition and reconstruction of the original design? Or is the plan irreversible?

7. When did the golf course become something other than a golf course?

Perhaps each of these issues can be satisfactorily resolved. If so, the redesign is probably meant to be.

If not, all parties involved should start over.

John Carlson


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