Vail Daily letter: Let’s think this through |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s think this through

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

To put it simply, there are three issues that are relevant to the building of a Muslim cultural center (including a place for worship) in the vicinity of Ground Zero in New York.

First: Is it legal? There seems to be no doubt that our Constitution explicitly supports that opinion and the laws and ordinances of New York allow it.

Second: Is it appropriate? It would most assuredly cause a great degree of anguish, especially for those who lost loved ones in the monstrous tragedy of 9/11.

Third: Can it be an asset in the fight against terrorism? I don’t know, but the Sufi Muslim leaders who are the potential builders do believe that it can and will. Here it is certainly worth noting that because their sect promotes religious tolerance, they have been the recipients of many acts of vicious terrorism by the radical Muslims (i.e.. Al Qaida and the Taliban). And so they have good reason to hope that their cultural center reduces terrorism as they utilize it to teach tolerance and peace.

So why in the world can’t we have a civil discussion that considers those three legitimate aspects? Why do we politicize the issue and castigate those who may come to a different conclusion than we do? Let’s calmly consider the pros and cons as thoughtful people should in a great democracy!

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Oh incidentally, the most stupid opinion should be credited to “I wanna be president” Newt Gingrich.

He’s the one who noted that we should not permit a mosque to be built since Saudi Arabia would not permit a synagogue or a church to be built in Mecca.

As if that country’s record of gross intolerance should be the basis for our behavior.

David Le Vine


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