Vail Daily letter: Let’s work together |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s work together

Madeline Moos
Vail, CO, Colorado

As the operator of the Eagle Eye Flea Market, which will be coming this summer to the Eagle County Fairgrounds, I take exception to the recent reference by Mr. Strauss that a flea market is a “see-how-much junk-I-can-sell.”

The flea market serves as the designation for what is in actuality a collection of independent small businesses, which, as we know, forms the backbone of the U.S. economy.

We also should know at this time that it is the “small businesses” throughout this country that are suffering and trying in every way they can to promote and sell their products.

The vendors I am meeting and talking with have everything from unique goods and wares to handmade items, silver and gold jewelry, magnificent fresh flower arrangements and so on.

I applaud the small shops in Vail for trying to make a go of a very bad situation. I have been in their shoes, and enticing people into your shop with a sampling outside your door of what’s inside is just good business.

Would it be better if all these small shops just shut off the lights and closed their doors and left all the stores vacant? That sure would make Vail a lot more attractive!

Let’s try and work together for the sake of the small-business entrepreneur to help them succeed.

Madeline Moos


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