Vail Daily letter: Liar, liar … |

Vail Daily letter: Liar, liar …

Gene Henry
Vail, CO, Colorado

As we all now know, the video produced under our First Amendment had nothing to do with embassy attack on 9/11. But (letter writer) Jim Cameron and you other liberals have a real problem defending your President Obama: You see, I believe he is a chronic liar. As the saying goes, “Always tell the truth. Then you do not have to remember everything.”

He knew this was a terrorist attack, but he deliberately lied to further his campaign, as he has minions like you to swallow his lies and defend him.

I believe he instructed his entire staff to lie – little boy Jay Carney and even U.N. Ambassador Rice. Look on Internet at the horrid death Ambassador Stephens suffered while Obama refuses to attend security briefings, as this conflicts with his golf, fundraising and partying with Jay-Z. Maybe Obama could make David Letterman his designee to carry on the duties of the presidency.

Wake up! Romney is the adult in the room. Obama would be better at the frat house partying to rap music.

What will his next lie be?

Gene Henry

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