Vail Daily letter: Liberal agendas inspire protests |

Vail Daily letter: Liberal agendas inspire protests

Donna Spinelli
Vail, CO, Colorado

Back when I was a “liberal” (yes, I was a liberal), being liberal meant getting the government out of your life. I am not clear when the psychology of the country changed. But I can tell you that in 1968 Don Rogers and Matt Zalaznick would have been out there on the Vietnam War protest tour. When did it become cool to have the government run your life? I missed that episode on the American Survivor Reality Show.

Today, the protests in Washington and around the country are against big government. David Axelrod, the White House chief of staff, conveniently dismissed the 9/12 protests against ObamaCare as irrelevant. Mainstream middle class people showed up on the streets of Washington, D.C., in the hundreds of thousands on 9/12 for a big Tea Party. The Obama administration just isn’t paying attention. Lyndon Johnson withdrew from the Vietnam War largely because of the protests in Washington, D.C., and around the country. But those were by young college students and hippies, not Mainstream USA.

Now the Vail Daily is upset by the failure of the commissioners to lower the tax rate. Well, you got what you deserved on that one, guys. You endorsed most of these candidates. Your token endorsement of Dick Gustafson as a “balance” never had a chance with the massive Obama wave of voters who did not think about each candidate, just clicked Democrat all the way down the ballot.

I am getting really tired of hearing about the last eight years, the overused refrain of the Obama administration. I hate to break it to all of you, but it was Carter and Clinton who deregulated the mortgage industry. And it was Pelosi and Reid and their ilk who blocked the Republican attempt to reform it in 2004, spearheaded by John McCain.

But I realize that the facts are just too confusing for the emotion-driven liberal agenda. They would much prefer empty promises by an empty suit.

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I just hope the currency doesn’t collapse with the hyperinflation created by Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al before the 2010 election. Because obviously they just want to stuff as many socialist programs as they can down our throats before they are voted out.

“Stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.” —

Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth,” Monterey, Calif., 1967

Donna Spinelli


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