Vail Daily letter: Liberal goes into the lions’ den |

Vail Daily letter: Liberal goes into the lions’ den

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

It was interesting to experience how Daniel felt, as he went into the lion’s den, as told to us in a Christian parable many many years ago.

Yes, last Saturday, March 20, I went to attend the meeting of the Vail 9.12 “patriot” group (not to differentiate them from my “patriotism”) at the Avon Library. Many of you must be familiar with my writings, as surely as some of the 9.12 group are. A prompt card I carried had several admonitions: “no confrontation,” “ask questions if appropriate,” “smile.”

It was to hear the views of several candidates chosen in the recent caucuses vying for positions in Congress and the state government. Seeing the announcement in the Daily, I thought this would be a good opportunity to be informed and to better understand their positions.

Mr. Ken Buck spoke with complete control with excellent observations. One being that the Republican Party is at fault to accept the previous administration’s terrible mistakes and that something must be done to rectify the situation. I was impressed.

Ali Hassan covered what he would do if elected state treasurer. He exhibited good financial prowess to explain what he would do by investing state government funds.

Either Bob Brancato or Stephen Bailey hope to be chosen to unseat Jared Polis in the House of Representatives. Both are new at public speaking, with Baily a bit more polished. The same old worn-out words were freely bantered about: Islamic fascism; socialist; Communist; less government; etc.

But I was taken aback and almost shook my head in dismay when Mr. Baily mentioned Glen Beck as someone to follow.

All’s well that ends well. Only two remarks about my letters in the Vail Daily.

Recently, there was a quote from an article: “Now is your chance to get involved in the political process. You can’t just sit around and watch Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly ….” This was at a meeting of 9.12 patriots in Ouray. It is sad to see that so many people are falling prey to the negative vitriolic messages of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, etc.

Add to this group another monger of hate, Mike Vanderboegh (Google him and read ) from Texas, and the die is cast for something ugly to happen.

If Obama were assassinated, there wold be few tears among the Republicans and all of the right-wing radicals who are tearing apart our country. It is so sad when we have much to do to pull our country together.

Fletcher MacNeill


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