Vail Daily letter: Liberal response is way off |

Vail Daily letter: Liberal response is way off

Karl Lundgren
Vail, CO, Colorado

Nobody, even gun owners, is denying that the Sandy Hook tragedy was one of the worst things imaginable. What I don’t understand is why the liberal masses have attacked lawful gun owners in response?

The guy who killed those children was not one of us. He was not a member of the NRA, and he was not even a gun owner. He was a cowardly psychopath. He committed a felony when he stole the guns, committed another felony when he murdered the lawful gun owner, committed another felony when he took a gun into a gun-free zone and then went on to commit even more felonies when he murdered those poor people.

How would new laws have changed that?

These same liberals usually mutter such comments as “our Founding Fathers never envisioned these type of weapons when they wrote the Bill of Rights.” Let me clue you in – they never envisioned TV, radio, telephones or the Internet, either, when they wrote the First Amendment.

The Second Amendment protects the First Amendment. When the Second Amendment was written, the government did not have machine guns, drones, F-22s, concussion grenades, bulletproof vests or night vision.

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Why do some people feel that the citizens of our country should have to be limited to muskets and tomahawks, but the government can run rampant? Don’t believe the government would ever use them against its own people? Never mind what Germany did during the 1930s and ’40s. Look what our own government did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Freedom of religion? Only if it meets the standards of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.

The fact is, if someone at Sandy Hook would have been armed with a 12-gauge shotgun instead of their cell phone, everyone would most likely be alive today. I hope that if a psychopath tries to harm innocent people again, there is an armed citizen there to intervene. I would rather see my neighbor with his Glock than some unarmed soccer mom standing there ready to give the psychopath a time out.

Going after legal gun owners because of what some madman did with a stolen gun is like going after doctors because some loser was selling Oxycontin to school kids.

Karl Lundgren


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