Vail Daily letter: Liberal spending |

Vail Daily letter: Liberal spending

Karl Berger
Wolcott, CO Colorado

Oh my God, David Sirota’s letter has me very concerned! Do you mean to imply that Colorado Springs just might become as bad off as Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or even, dare I say, California? All strong liberal strongholds for decades. Cripes, what a mess. You mean the same cities and states where obscene tax rates resulted in businesses being forced to relocate to (gasp) earn a profit?! Say it ain’t so, Davey boy!

I guess your solution is correct. Let’s send more money from taxpayers to Washington – they know just how to protect the homeless, downtrodden and hungry. Let them live in Nancy Pelosi’s new $180 million new jet, or maybe Joe Biden can squeeze them into his C-130 next time he feels the need to make a few turns in Beaver Creek. Washington sure knows how to prioritize life or death to the needy, particularly when Congress just got a 15 percent pay increase. You’re right, Davey.

It is a matter of life or death, and America has chosen death, to grossly huge government.

And for the record, conservatives’ mantra is not “greed is good,” it’s “big government is bad.” Conservatives are much more philanthropic than liberals, and, before you cry “lies!”, do your research. It is true. Liberals just want to spend your money.

Keep up the talking points, Davey boy. There still might be a few that believe you.

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