Vail Daily letter: Liberals and guns, harrumph |

Vail Daily letter: Liberals and guns, harrumph

Karl Lundgren
Vail, CO, Colorado

After reading Henry Bornstein’s rant last week, it is clear that liberals have drawn their own skewed conclusions about guns.

For some reason, liberals think anyone who owns a gun is a ticking time bomb. They may not be a criminal now, but they certainly will be in the future, especially if the gun is a semi-auto.

They also believe that the only person capable of hitting their target with a gun is a criminal. In the liberal mind, criminals always hit their target, while law-abiding citizens are a threat to everyone in the vicinity.

Liberals also believe that guns are only used to commit crimes, never to thwart crimes.

For people like Bornstein, here is something to ponder:

We defend our president, congressmen, governors, celebrities, sporting events, jewelry stores, banks, office buildings, courts, factories, and airports with guns.

We defend our children with a sign that reads, “This is a gun-free zone.” Then we call someone with a gun if there is an emergency.

Karl Lundgren


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