Vail Daily letter: Lies, damned lies, and health-care legislation |

Vail Daily letter: Lies, damned lies, and health-care legislation

Buddy Shipley
Vail, CO, Colorado

Our president, representatives and senators keep telling us all that if we like our current health insurance, we can keep it. That is a half-truth, or less. The text of H.R. 3200, or “ObamaCare,” paints a very different picture.

The full truth is that this government of ours that was supposedly established of, by and for the people (that’s us), will consent to allow us to keep our existing health insurance plans only if no changes are made to our current plans. If anything about our current insurance plans change, such as deductibles or coverage, then our government will require us to switch to one of their approved insurance plans available through the ObamaCare exchange.

So it is true that we can keep our current insurance, but only if it never changes.

Even if no changes are made to our existing insurance plans, after five years our government will give us the ultimatum of switching to a government-sanctioned insurance plan through the ObamaCare exchange, and any individual who chooses not to comply will be penalized an additional 2.5 percent on their income taxes.

So it is true that we can keep our current insurance, for a while, but five years after ObamaCare is passed, we must submit or be taxed an additional 2.5 percent to pay for ObamaCare even if we don’t want it and won’t use it.

In addition, businesses that choose not to participate in any of the government-sanctioned employer plans will also be penalized an additional 8 percent, making the total tax penalty for non-compliance by individuals and businesses 10.5 percent. Keep in mind that all taxes and fees levied on corporations are passed on to all consumers (even those who support and willingly submit to ObamaCare).

So it is true that we can all keep our current insurance, for a while, if our plan never changes, as our government steadily works to make it ever more painful and costly for once-free citizens to resist submitting to ObamaCare.

The bottom line is that individuals and business who choose not to submit to our government’s ultimatums will be forced to pay a penalty tax of 2.5 percent or 8 percent, respectively, to fund ObamaCare even if we don’t use it, unless of course you are a congressman.

This is government coercion, a forced redistribution of wealth that does nothing to reduce the actual costs of health care, and it does absolutely nothing to address the insolvency of Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

ObamaCare is an 1,100-page web of lies that completely ignores all of the government’s current management failures as it proposes to produce its greatest public failure to date, one in which our elected officials have not required themselves to participate.

Buddy Shipley


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