Vail Daily letter: Life as we knew it … |

Vail Daily letter: Life as we knew it …

Dave Kraft
Vail, CO, Colorado

The legislation allowing indefinite prison sentences for Americans without a trial heads to Obama’s desk for rubber-stamping this week. Did you maybe think this was worth a couple lines in your papers?

This link includes the CSPAN videos of Sens. McCain, Levin and Graham laying out the plan for defacto marshal law in America with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012:


Will you remain silent or maybe we could have another story about Tebow instead? Don’t get me wrong, I personally love Tebow. Yet, I would think this would be as newsworthy as Tebow, but who am I kidding?

Declare marshal law! Fine, as long as football is not taken away. I am not sure what it takes to get any outrage out of the average American anymore. Perhaps they are so numb they can’t feel anything now. They see a dozen simulated murders a day on TV and are so overentertained, overdistracted and with the attention span of a sound bite.

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My little sister is a perfect example. If you say anything to her longer than 30 seconds, she will just jump on top of it with something completely new. The attention-span problem has become an epidemic. These smart phones have transformed society into a race of antisocial, self-absorbed and entranced zombies. No wonder they don’t know about marshal law being declared. Maybe they deserve it.

Dave Kraft

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