Vail Daily letter: Like Cheech and Chong |

Vail Daily letter: Like Cheech and Chong

Jeff Lasky
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. Carnes’ column in the Sept. 1 Vail Daily reads like a bad Cheech and Chong movie.

How naive could Mr. Carnes actually be? He actually reports a major crime of a physician selling a medicinal marijuana registration and then labels the transaction as “And it was all legal.”

The poor people who suffer from chronic pain lead very limited lives. They don’t get high to treat “chronic ingrown toenails.” They smoke marijuana to function on a semi-normal basis (if they are lucky).

If more people like Mr. Carnes are permitted to use a public forum for their childish viewpoints, Colorado will become a tourist mecca and we won’t have to worry about taxing medicines.

I hope Mr. Carnes is never on the road when one of his buddies gets high.

Jeff Lasky


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