Vail Daily letter: Live to the fullest |

Vail Daily letter: Live to the fullest

Kelsey Foster
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Having just lost a close friend at such a young age has shaken my world.

Robert Scott Reiter was a beautiful spirit who had so much to share with this world.

His untimely death was an unfair tragedy, a wound that will never fully heal.

Scott’s absence will leave a gaping hole in the universe that no other being could possibly fill. My heart is heavy, and the one person whose advice I want to ask is the one person who cannot answer my call.

Scott’s death was not wasted, however, seeing as this loss has allowed me to gain perspective. Scott’s sister, Rachel, explained at Scott’s beautiful service the three dimensions of life: the length, the width and the depth.

The length is the number of years you live, the width is the amount of things you do in the time you’re given, and the depth is how deeply and fully you live.

I took this concept with me and have been trying to apply it daily.

“Scott may have not lived a long life, but he lived widely and deeply,” Rachel said.

I feel some sort of responsibility to live as widely and as deeply as I can to make up for the living Scott didn’t get to do.

I’ve realized this life is too short to wake up unhappy.

Picture it like this: We all sit in the comfort of our homes, cars or offices reading this letter, while somewhere around the world, a person is hiding from the dangers of a war-torn city. Somewhere else, a mother is struggling to find the means to feed her child.

We are lucky enough to be alive, but to live in this beautiful valley, I have realized that we are truly blessed. We must learn to appreciate what and whom we have.

I’ve made a promise to myself and to Scott to live as widely and as deeply as I can during my time on Earth. I urge all of you to do the same. Do it for yourself. Do it for Scott or for someone who was taken too soon.

It sounds cliche, but it is the truth: You only live once, so why not make the most of it?

Learn to appreciate these beautiful mountains in which we live. Go watch a sunset with your best friend. Hold on to your partner for an extra second before you leave the house. Laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Call a friend with whom you’ve lost touch and catch up. You never know when you’ll talk to them next. Indulge yourself. Follow your dreams. It’s never too late to achieve those goals you set long ago.

It shouldn’t take a premature death of a loved one to remind us of these things, but that’s the reality of life. We get so caught up in our busy lives, we must remember to slow down and take a breath. It is a beautiful life we live.

As Scotty so wisely told us, “Let not the world define your life. Let your life define the world.”

Kelsey Foster


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