Vail Daily letter: Lives at risk |

Vail Daily letter: Lives at risk

Bob Foley
Gypsum, CO Colorado

A couple of years ago, I would have said nothing. But I have come to realize that the attitude of “non-accountability” permeates our government from the local level all the way up to the federal level. Well, I’m tired of it, and I am no longer silent.

I just read Scott Miller’s article in (Sunday’s) Vail Daily about the Edwards roundabout. I thought it was a good article, and I’m glad he wrote it.

Last Tuesday morning, I was on the ECO bus from Gypsum to Vail. The bus goes up I-70 and gets off at the Edwards exit. The weather was spitting snow, and the road was very wet. Well, because of the “construction” at the roundabout, traffic was backed all the way up the off ramp back onto I-70. My bus had to stop because of the traffic bottleneck, about 200 yards from the exit. The bus pulled over as far as it could in the breakdown lane, as all the other cars in line did. Well, twice, 18-wheelers just missed us by inches going at least 60 mph. The first one made me jump, and the second made me realize that my life and the lives of the 20 other souls on the bus were at risk. It made me wonder who was running this “constuction” project. Why hadn’t they contacted the Sheriff’s Department to let them know about the public danger on the highway?

Then I read Scott Miller’s article, which made me think of all the economic damage being caused to our business owners, Eagle County residents, and our neighbors by this “construction” project. Wasn’t this project supposed to be completed months ago?

Also in Miller’s article is a quote by Eagle County Commissioner Peter Runyon: “I think that with a few exceptions they’ve done a pretty good job.” Well, Mr. Runyon, Commissioner, I think they have done a horrible job. And I think you should investigate this whole project, from the bidding procedure right through the construction phase. Is this a “cost-plus” contract? It is almost mid-December, and this job doesn’t even look half done.

This is serious. Lives are being put at risk and businesses are being irreparably harmed. Who is going to pay restitution to the businesses? Who is going to safely manage traffic control? Instead of trying to make nice, Mr. Commissioner, please call some public hearings on this roundabout project as soon as possible.

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