Vail Daily letter: Logic lacking in column |

Vail Daily letter: Logic lacking in column

Devin Simondes
Vail, CO, Colorado

To say that Fox is the lone holder of the truth among the media is ridiculous. They report the news they want, with the spin they want, like most of the other major networks.

Mainstream media’s only biases are to viewership and ratings points. They don’t protect Obama anymore than they did Bush (and by the way, how often did Fox show Bush in a bad light while he was in office?).

Dick Gustafson also calls for impeaching Obama, but Obama has not committed any constitutionally defined crimes that could possibly lead to his removal from office.

Gustafson’s piousness for the Constitution is admirable, but he doesn’t seem to understand it. Presidential appointments do not always necessitate congressional approval. Appointments are a power granted to the executive branch by the Constitution, and the term “czar” is nothing more than a nickname. Czars have been appointed by every president – even the Republican ones – since FDR.

Furthermore, the three branches of our republic are not equal. They have the ability to check each other to ensure that one does not have exaggerated power over the other two, but the powers that they are granted are not the same.

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Yes, the president is meant to submit a proposal for a budget, but the responsibility to pass an annual budget as required by constitutional law remains with the legislative branch of our government. Laws are not created by the executive branch, nor can it spend money without the approval of the legislative branch. So creating socialized medicine, creating higher taxes, bailing out companies and military spending do not fall solely on the shoulders of the president.

Decreasing our military would not negatively affect our standing in the world. We spend more on our military than the next 26 nations combined. We could cut our defense spending by half and still spend more than twice as much as the next greatest spender, China. The global community no longer puts a premium on who carries the biggest stick in what is now a world more focused on diplomacy. We are not only a nation of military might. We led the world into the 21st century by cultivating great thinkers and a great economy. Creating that great economy was a nonpartisan effort by liberals and conservatives, and weakening it was as well.

Obama is certainly not exacerbating the economic climate just so he can pass blame to Republicans. He and media outlets like CNBC are creating a sense of urgency among the nation’s legislators and constituents to draw attention to the dire needs of our fiscal situation to fix our problems, not so they can say, “I told you so.”

Arguing that “Logic did not prevail” in this election because the “liberal media” hasn’t reported all of the fictionalized crimes to the Constitution that Obama has allegedly perpetrated is your First Amendment right. But it does not mean that argument has any logical merit to it.

Devin Simondes


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