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Vail Daily letter: Look at history

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Vail, CO Colorado

Mr. Shipley’s sarcastic letter condemn-ing the president’s proposed health-care plan didn’t confuse the issue with the facts, which could have been ascertained by listening to the president’s address.

I was at that meeting with Rep. Polis and he made it clear his district had vot-ed for Obama and was in favor of the public option.

Clearly, most of the audience at the Singletree community center was not representative of his constituency.

Every civilized Western democracy has a universal health plan that covers all their citizens. They can afford it because they don’t allow their insurance compa-nies to rob them blind as we do. Their insurance companies are regulated as our public utilities are. Some don’t even have insurance companies involved.

What bothered me at that meeting in the Singletree Community Center was the anamosity exhibited toward our own government. There were boos and cat-calls every time the word “government” was mentioned.

Now, this wasn’t the government of Cuba or Russia or Somalia that was being mentioned, but our own government of the United States, where millions of our neighbors work to help make our lives better.

These are dedicated, patriotic people, as we are.

Didn’t those people in that communi-ty center railing at our government real-ize that they would never be in the socio-economic status that they now enjoy if it weren’t for what our federal government did for them over the past 70 years? If they don’t, then they need a brain scan. What they really need is an industrial strength course in history.

In 1933, thanks to Hoover sitting on his behind, this country was in despair. Unemployment was 25 percent, people were selling apples in the streets, banks were failing with no insurance, and the country was ripe for communism or fas-cism to take over.

Well, the country club set had nothing to fear. FDR and the federal government saved the capitalistic system of the USA. Big money was spent, but people were put to work, banks were insured, and Social Security and unemployment com-pensation made the people more secure and increased confidence.

Then we faced the greatest danger in our history, the Nazis and Japanese trying to conquer the world. Well, it wasn’t the insurance companies that stopped them. It was the good old federal government that was able to mobilize this country and destroy that terrible danger.

We didn’t seem to yell about the money World War II cost, either. It had to be done, we spent it and we paid it back later.

After the war, the G.I. Bill gave a college education to millions of returning veter-ans, some of whom may have been the fathers of some in that community center. We have to be proud of what our great country and government accomplished. The federal government also helped the financing of homes so that we became a nation of single-family homeowners.

Now our present economic crisis was met with powerful medicine by our gov-ernment ( as opposed to 1929), which prevented it from turning into a severe depression. We will recover from it and become even more prosperous.

The preamble to our Constitution states that “premoting the general wel-fare” is one of its purposes. I don’t know anything that is more important to the general welfare than health care, so how about we finally accomplish what is long overdue?

Dr. William Pintzow Edwards

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