Vail Daily letter: Looney logic in impeachment commentary |

Vail Daily letter: Looney logic in impeachment commentary

Dennis Geraghty
Vail, CO, Colorado

I know the Vail Daily has a decidely conservative political slant, but if you’re going to continually publish comments by Dick Gustafson you might want to rename your paper “The Western Weekly Standard.”

Where Butch Mazucca’s commentaries are generally reasoned, thoughtful, pithy, and yes, some times disturbingly persuasive, Gustafson’s are distorted, lacking factual support, meanspirited and racial in tone.

If you follow his looney logic on why Obama should be impeached, every president in U.S. history would have committed numerous impeachable offenses.

If the founding fathers could be given a do-over, I’ll bet they would come up with a better phrase than “high crimes and misdemeanors” when considering impeachment proceedings.

Somebody at your paper needs to check Gustafson’s assertions before publishing his diatribes. He’s an embarrassment.

Dennis Geraghty


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