Vail Daily letter: Losing war on weeds |

Vail Daily letter: Losing war on weeds

Chris Mech
Vail, CO, Colorado

What a shame it is to see the inaction of the noxious-weed-control efforts in our valley. I refer specifically to the unchecked advance of the yellow clover along our roadways. This nasty weed was introduced as part of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s erosion-control seeding efforts about 10 years ago (though the agency denies it), and it has gotten steadily worse since then. The only eradication efforts I’ve seen occur on the private Village at Avon lands. The clover has now advanced above the roadways and is well on its way to invading our pristine wildflower meadows.

Another terrible invader is tamarisk, and it’s marched steadily upstream without any resistance. This weed’s 30-foot-deep roots suck huge amounts of water from local water tables. Its growth is so dense as to make riverside activities impossible. Anyone who’s camped around Moab knows what I’m talking about.

The Eagle County website lists targeted weeds, but neither of these made the list. Since that website lists about a dozen people and agencies responsible for noxious-weed control, I’m forced to publicly ask why neither of these weeds is on the county’s radar. What good is having so many responsible parties if not one of them ever seems to kill a weed?

Chris Mech


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