Vail Daily letter: Lost my Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Lost my Vail

Mary Bennett
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a 30-some-year local resident of Vail and a childhood visitor from the 1960s, I experienced an event this evening that made me realize that the Vail I knew as a child and a resident for so many years has long since disappeared forever.

A new generation has taken over from the quaint, respectful community I once knew and adored to rowdiness, corruption and vulgar language, which was the scene I witnessed recently in my home village of Vail. No longer is this the home of the Great Race, Donovan’s St Paddy’s Day Green Beer, The Ravinos jumping the cliffs, but now hit-and-run ski accidents on the mountain, giving one another the finger, and just plain rudeness.

Sequesters? Fiscal cliffs? A split country? Skiers vs. snowboarders?

Remember Vail vs. Aspen in the ’70s? That is so far behind us now, as we grew up and are now friends. Are we capable of regaining this respect toward each other again even if we are so divided?

Unless Vail Resorts remembers the good old days and puts people before the dollar bill, we are all in for a long, insecure ride to a change of our own constitutional rights and beliefs of what is good for all true pioneers of Vail and all!

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Mary Bennett


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