Vail Daily letter: Lot of folks to thank |

Vail Daily letter: Lot of folks to thank

Amy Hermes
Vail, CO, Colorado

The third annual Mike Janelle Family Fundraiser was held on Wednesday, July 21, following the Vail Grind Bike Race. The event was once again a success, and there are important people to thank.

Generous sponsors continue to contribute amazing prizes each year and I’m very thankful for them! They include Mountain Pedaler, Pedal Power, The Kind, Street Swell, Christy Sports and Oakley! Please support these businesses. They are incredibly giving and deserve your patronage.

I’m also incredibly thankful for Blue Moose Pizza’s part in the fundraising efforts. They donated a portion of their sales from the evening, which was significant and I’m grateful for their willingness to participate.

Thanks as well goes out to all of my volunteers who got dunked. The dunk tank was a highlight of the event, and although it looks like an easy job, sitting in the cold air and getting plunged into cold water, all for the amusement of others, is no easy task. Seriously, they were good sports and ramped up the fun factor.

I’d like to also thank the Vail Recreation District for allowing us to once again “piggy back” on their event. Beth Pappas, our fearless race director, along with her crew, are doing an amazing job with the race series and they deserve kudos.

The event was held in the beautiful Vail Square at Arrabelle. Terri Hanely and the staff there were great and earned equal thanks too. All who were in attendance not only enjoyed the fantastic venue, but some killer music from Stache, who really set the mood with their talent and enthusiasm. So thanks to them too.

My final thank you goes out to my girls. Thank you, Team High Maintenance, for jumping in and doing your part. Your smiles on and off the race course are contagious and I appreciate you infecting the crowd with a positive vibe.

There are others who chipped in and their efforts did not go unnoticed. Thank you! And to all of the gracious people in attendance who opened their hearts, and their wallets, thank you to you as well. Your kindness will come back to you.

Blessings to all involved.

Amy Hermes


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