Vail Daily letter: Made in USA |

Vail Daily letter: Made in USA

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Fortunately, we Americans live in a capitalistic, free-enterprise society rather than in some sort of a socialistic state.

Our natural resources are owned and developed by private individuals or companies, and most of our large corporations are owned by public shareholders.

Each of us is free to start our own business, doing whatever we wish in whatever location we choose. Or we can just decide to earn a living by working for someone else. We are truly a free society and we generally deplore the intrusion of government into our businesses.

All well and good! But then how can we now expect Mr. Obama and our Congress to improve the economy by creating jobs in the private sector?

We must recognize that their options are quite limited. They can certainly adjust tax policies. They can choose to “bail out” a limited number of businesses if they believe that to be in the public’s best interest. And they can spend a limited amount of taxpayer money to support state or federal programs.

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But that’s about “t.

On the other hand, I believe that our free enterprise society — which includes the entire business community and each one of us — should accept a great deal of the responsibility for the state of the economy.

But more importantly, I also believe that our collective actions could greatly help the current situation. As examples: if chains such as Walmart, Target, Kohl and Costco even temporarily compromised their profits by trying to buy and sell American products, it would create manufacturing jobs and reduce the dollars that we send overseas. For the same reasons, It would also be helpful if even smaller businesses leaned toward buying and selling American-made products. It would also help the cause if manufacturers who use steel, copper or aluminum, bought those materials that were produced here. And it would be very significant if each of us leaned towards the purchase of American made automobiles and trucks.

It should be obvious that we’re all in this together and in the longer term, industry, businesses and we the public will be better off if we make some sacrifices right now.

David Le Vine


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