Vail Daily letter: Maes is our choice |

Vail Daily letter: Maes is our choice

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dan Maes, a small-business man just like many of us, awoke one day about 20 months ago and saw what was happening to our country and our state. Just like many of us, this grassroots individual without any political experience, ties or clout decided to try and do something positive to get Colorado back into a conservative fiscal position. Just like us, he wanted to fix our problems.

Dan felt that his small-business experience would be a plus. He never said he was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He touted his experience as a police officer.

There have been some issues that have to my satisfaction been explained sufficiently over and over.

Here is the point of this note.

Josh Penry was the first to be supported by the GOP. When he dropped out, the baton was handed over to Scott McInnis. All along there was this unknown, Dan Maes, who was gathering support from the grassroots folks in Colorado. He traveled this state tirelessly, bringing a message of conservative values. The grassroots became involved in the process. We had caucus lectures and went to the caucuses. We became first-time delegates and went to the Assembly.

Two-hundred-thousand Republicans (some newly converted Democrats and those who were unaffiliated), under the banner of our constitutional right to vote, elected Dan Maes to be the Republican candidate for governor of Colorado.

That is where the story should have ended. That is where the Colorado state GOP chairman should have done everything in his power to make sure that Dan Maes would be elected. Clearly, he did not.

Recently it has been brought up that there was-is some kind if conspiracy. It is said that Dan Maes was never going to have the support of the GOP big wigs and state officials in his run.

I received an e-mail over the weekend that stated that the worse thing is that the state GOP is attempting to usurp our constitutional right by manipulating the process in order for the GOP to replace Dan Maes with a known career politician.

Isn’t this just what we have been fighting against? Isn’t this just why the grassroots organizations have been formed? We need to wake up and fight this aberration in the political process. There is nothing so egregious that Maes has done to abandon his ship. Just think about what he has had to endure, along with his family, to get to this point. It has to take a person of character and determination to put himself through and endure these attempts to discredit him.

Do not let the good ol’ boys in the GOP, who have been running dirty politics, take away your vote. That is their goal. Like the saying goes: “It’s the votes … stupid.” We the people have spoken in the Assembly and primary and we the people can speak again on Nov. 2.

Dr. Michael Schneider

Organizer, Vail Valley 9.12 Project, and Eagle County Chair for Dan Maes for Governor campaign

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