Vail Daily letter: Make a difference |

Vail Daily letter: Make a difference

Jaime Trudeau
Sixth-grader Gypsum Creek Middle School
Vail, CO Colorado

Can one little person make a huge difference for the world, even in this economy? The answer will always be yes. Is donating a smart thing to do right now in this economy? I say yes because first of all, you don’t have to pay to donate!

You can donate your time or even money. You can donate pennies a day, week or even a year if you want. Small donations are excepted. Large donations are excepted, but really, who wants someone who shows off and flaunts with their money?

Donating also helps people in distress. Occasionally, you get money back if you donate. You can even save on taxes if you donate to a nonprofitable charity or company. Donating to scientists may encourage new discoveries and that you may be notified because of your contribution. Donating to hospitals will help find cures for diseases, including cancer, animals will reorganize the food chain, people in distress will be able to rebuild their shattered possessions.

Another reason why people should donate is that all people can but choose not to. Celebrities join fundraisers to get money for the homeless. Kids can donate to animal shelters. Restaurants raise money for children in the hospital. Everyone can donate but chooses not to. Also, less than three-quarters of American families donate to fundraisers-charities.

In conclusion, people should open the hearts that are buried within them. I believe if people donate, we will help this economy develop better and help make our world perfect.

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