Vail Daily letter: Make ’em show foreclosure paperwork |

Vail Daily letter: Make ’em show foreclosure paperwork

Doug Fasi
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read Scott Miller’s article on real estate and mortgage fraud not being a problem yet in the county. If I wasn’t so mad I would have found it pretty funny. Mr. Miller needs to read the papers more. It seems the foreclosure mill/law firm Castle, Stawarski recently had one of their own blow the whistle on their alleged illegal activities, according to The Denver Post recently.

The law firm/foreclosure mill has been going to court and telling the judges they have all the paperwork to support the ownership of the properties slated for foreclosure. Not so, according to one of their own.

In many cases they allegedly never did. This was something I mentioned in a letter several weeks ago involving my travesty of a Rule 120 hearing.

I warned that our judges and Judge Moorehead were patently believing the lawyers when they assured him they had all the proper paperwork.

The law firm has done an untold number of foreclosures not only in this county, but throughout the state hiding behind a law that only requires the attorney representing the lender to simply affirm they are in possession of the paperwork.

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In Colorado, they aren’t required to produce the original blue ink copy of your note.

The House just voted not to change the law, even though it’s a federal law. How much fraud has been committed?

There needs to be a full investigation started immediately. Call your state representatives and tell them to give back your property rights and call for an investigation of Castle Stawarski.

Doug Fasi


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