Vail Daily letter: Marijuana rebuttal |

Vail Daily letter: Marijuana rebuttal

John Michaelson
Edwards, CO Colorado

I’ve read Mr. Sims’ letters to the editor, and realize that he obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Voting “no” on 1B, would be saying “yes to the black market.” Whereas medical marijuana centers are strictly regulated by the state to offer medical marijuana to patients over 21, street dealers are pushing drugs such as cocaine, oxycontin, heroin, and speed to our children. These drugs are not offered to patients at a medical marijuana center.

As far as children getting their hands on a medical marijuana patient’s medicine, I believe that is the parents’ responsibility. No medicine should be accessible to children, marijuana or prescription drugs.

With this in mind, which drugs are more dangerous in the hands of children, amphetamines (speed), pain killers (opiates), antidepressants (psychotropic drugs) or marijuana? One can die of an overdose on just about any prescription drug, while this is not the case with marijuana. Nevertheless, the National Institute of Drug Abuse lists prescription narcotics and benzodiazepines as our nation’s drug epidemic.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that the Veterans Administration will now allow us veterans with medical marijuana cards to resume care at our hospitals? We in Eagle County are not voting to legalize marijuana as Mr. Sims would lead the public to believe by quoting President Obama, but to allow medical marijuana centers to continue to operate in our county as they have for over a year without incident, according to our sheriff, Joseph Hoy. The fact is that medical marijuana centers are strictly regulated by the state and are the perfect place for these patients to safely access their medicine.

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