Vail Daily letter: Marijuana’s risky |

Vail Daily letter: Marijuana’s risky

Buddy Sims
Vail, CO, Colorado

As the medical marijuana articles continue to appear in newsprint, I think two points need to be made:

One: A warning to all recreational and medical marijuana smokers. Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and State Patrol have trained officers to look for not only DWI alcohol drivers but also DUI marijuana users.

The THC chemical making up 60 percent of each marijuana plant (recreational or medical marijuana) is 10 times stronger since the 1970s per the June 2009 United Nations World Health Report. THC can stay in your blood for up to 56 days.

Guess what that means? If a cop thinks you’re drug impaired or asks you to take a drug test and you test positive for marijuana, the current state and federal laws say that is a crime.

Remember, if you have an accident and your brain has slowed down due to marijuana use, you are on the way to court and possibly jail.

Two: Recreational or medical marijuana is grown by unregulated medical warehouses in America or in Mexico that have no oversight, quality control, testing or inspection by the FDA or any other state or U.S. government agency.

So to anyone smoking, inhaling, eating brownies, etc., the THC goes to your blood and directly to your brain.

Why would our citizens use a product that has no testing or quality control and could be poisoned? There are 400 different chemicals in each marijuana plant. Marijuana smokers are actually rolling the dice each time they use it.

I wonder where the new store owners buy their marijuana and who guarantees its purity for you to use safely.

Buddy Sims


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